Welcome to an Open Forum on Fixing the Federal Government

My name is Nedland (Ned) P Williams.  I’m the author of “Fixing Everything: Government Spending, Taxes, Entitlements, Healthcare, Pensions, Immigration, Tort Reform, Crime…”, so luckily we are not starting from scratch in our discussions.

I will be posting articles on a variety of subjects and it is my hope that you will challenge, criticize, and dispute the ideas contained, so we can improve proposed solutions through open debate.  I consider myself a practical libertarian.  Not including interest on debt, approximately 70% of government spending is for some form of safety-net.  While overhead at various agencies will be drastically reduced, current financial levels of support flowing to citizens will continue, however, the form may change as we make sustainable adjustments.

Our initial focus is on a new tax code that incorporates a 21st century safety-net.  Since there is wide-spread agreement that no citizen should live in poverty, all citizens will receive poverty-level financial support.  That support replaces welfare, portions of other safety-net programs, and all tax preferences.  The nanny state will disappear, replaced by citizens taking personal responsibility.  Separately, all individual income will be taxed at a flat rate [25%], so everyone has the incentive to make as much as they are able [keeping 75%].  Businesses will face the same flat rate, with no double taxation, 100% expensing, and elimination of corporate “perks”.  This is a federal plan only, so states and charities are free to help and tax as they wish, but the federal government will no longer discriminate between individuals.

Legislators implementing these solutions may never again worry about re-election.